I booked this excursion ahead of time based on its excellent online reviews, and wow! Our guide, Jeevan, is genuinely committed to educating visitors about Belize while providing the best experience possible. We had gorgeous weather, and Lamanai is, frankly, the most beautiful place I've ever seen. We saw the Jaguar Temple, the High Temple, and the Mask Temple, as well as the ball court. The view from the top of High Temple is breathtaking. You'll be able to see 950 acres of jungle as well as the new river lagoon. I could have stayed up there all day. I can’t wait to go back again.
-Miguel, Atlantic City, NJ
Xunantunich was absolutely fantastic! Lots of walking and hiking up the ruins – we spent a respectable amount of time there and it was beautiful. I opted for this excursion while visiting Belize on a cruise, and would love to return to see more of this amazing country. Belize Raindrops Adventures is a wonderful tour company and I highly recommend them! Everything was coordinated so there were no worries on getting back to the port in time to get back to the ship. This tour included lunch at a local restaurant, and the food was a delicious way to experience the local culture. Great tour guide and company, I give them a full five stars and will consider them again in the near future.
-Gary, Palm Beach, FL
I had the thrill of my life during my recent trip to Belize when Jeevan took me cave tubing. Oh wow! What an adventure! Jeevan is an awesome guide, I'd recommend him to anybody - any age! I was there with my kids, and we all had a blast.
-Michelle, Chicago, IL
I visit local zoos wherever I travel, so on my unforgettable trip to Belize this year, I made sure to book a tour to the Belize Zoo to get the full experience and I was blown away! Our guide Jeevan surprised me with how knowledgeable he is about all of the animals native to Belize, and what an eagle eye! No animal could hide from him – while we were searching for where the shy ocelot could be, Jeevan pointed him out in seconds. The Belize Zoo is special in that it is more of a wildlife refuge, full of rescue animals who have been injured, orphaned or donated from other zoos. When in Belize, I highly recommend spending a day or more on an excursion with Belize Raindrops Adventures!
-Chloe, Elkton, VA
I highly recommend the tours organized by Jeevan at Belize Raindrops Adventures - they are perfect! They offer just the right mix of fun, safety and feeling on the verge of being out of your comfort zone. We mixed it up with people from Canada, and a really fun Australian family joking around all day long. We've made friends for life, and plan on returning next year with our families again. My kids will talk about their new global friends for years to come. Thanks Jeevan - you've given my kids the travel bug which will be hard to beat on our next adventure.
-Louise, Denver, CO
I remember growing up and learning about the Pyramids of Egypt... and thinking they were something I'd never get to see in my lifetime. Until I discovered about the Mayan ruins. Seeing those structures left me believing anything was possible. Jeevan was an amazing guide, always providing insights and has such a knowledge of history -- he's incredible. I highly recommend taking ANY of his tours. Merci!
-Mélanie, Montréal (Canada)